Ferenc Darvas, Ph.D. - President & Chairman


Serial innovator and entrepreneur with technical background and over 40 years experience in innovation and innovation management, one of the true pioneers in the process intensification involved in modern chemistry.

Dr. Darvas is a founder of several companies in the fields of life-science related research and development. CompuDrug, probably the first company specialized to developing software for QSAR calculations was founded in 1983. He applied first EVOP methodologies (sequential simplex in 1974) and logic-based artificial intelligence approaches (Prolog, 1976) in QSAR and drug discovery, co-developed the first cluster-based software approach for ADMET modeling and predictions (OpenMolGrid, 2004). He has been awarded in the USA and in Hungary several times as a serial entrepreneur and serial innovator.

Dr. Darvas received his first degree in organic chemistry, another in computer science, and his PhD in the use of artificial intelligence in drug design. Dr. Darvas’s third degree is in patent law.

He was teaching at several universities in Budapest, Barcelona, Gainesville (FL), Innsbruck/Hall (Austria), presently serving as associate professor at the Florida International University in Miami. He is author of 140 publications, co-editor of 4 books, inventor of over 40 patents, chairman and founder of the Flow Chemistry Society and assosiate editor of the Journal of Flow Chemistry.


Aida C. Citti - Chief Executive Officer


Aida C. Citti helped establish and organize CompuDrug International when
it started in San Francisco, CA in 1996.

Prior to Citti joining CompuDrug, she was an associate with Coldwell Banker for 10 years in the Bay Area, CA.
She has also managed several regional and international companies.