Simplex Pro

Customer Benefits


SimplexPro was constructed for optimizing the numerical parameters of chemical experiments such as temperature, pressure, concentration, and flow rate to achieve the best result (objective function) e.g. conversion, yield or selectivity. The numerical values of the reaction parameters are input into the software along with the results. The Simplex will then calculate another set of parameters that will yield a better result.


Brief Description


The software implements the widespread Nelder-Mead (or Downhill Simplex) algorithm. Based on experiments performed at Thalesnano, by using this method the number of optimization experiments can be significantly decreased.


The operation of the algorithm is a simple 2 step process and is performed as follows:

  • The user performs N+1 experiments (where N is equal to the number of variables entered into the optimization)
  • The user then makes an additional experiment for every optimization cycle with parameter values defined by the algorithm.


The advantage of this method over others is that after performing the initial measurements the Simplex converges to an optimum faster, so the optimum value of the objective function can be found by making only a few experiments. If the values of objective function differ only slightly after 2-3 consecutive experiments, then it can be presumed that the nearly optimal parameter settings have been found.


Features at a Glance


  • Initial simplex: The current version of the system generates a regular simplex into the geometrical center of parameter space defined by the parameter boundaries.


  • Rounding values: The system displays the experiment parameters with an accuracy defined by the user.


  • Considering boundaries: If the parameters given by the algorithm exceed the boundaries previously defined by the user, the software modifies the exceeding value to the maximum boundary limit value.


  • Repeated measurement points: If the algorithm suggests an experimental point, which is included in the previously measured experiment, the system will give a warning message.


Simplex Pro is operating under Windows computing platform.


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