Rule of 5

New HTS module in Pallas for Windows


Brief Description


Since the majority of drug candidates fail because of bioavailability problems, the early identification of poor absorption can save a huge amount of time and money. The most common screening method is based on Rule of 5.

This new Pallas module calculates the molecular weight, the logP value, and the number of the H-bond acceptor and H-bond donor groups, which characterize the drug-likeness of organic compounds. The Pallas-Rule of 5 module is developed to choose which compounds are acceptable for high-throughput screening: it is able to take an SDFile of any size as input, and presents the result in a simple tabular form that can easily be transferred to Excel.


Features at a Glance

  • Calculates the Rule of Five Parameters
  • Supports High Throughput Screening
  • Open knowledge base - user can add own fragments


Rule of 5 is operating under Windows computing platform.


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