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CompuDrug is a niche software corporation which has been specializing in developing and generating ADME and drug discovery softwares focusing on ADME prediction and physicochemical data calculation.

The company first in the world developed softwares for prediction of metabolic fate, toxicity and true hydrophobicity of new drug candidates.

The major pharmaceutical, biotechnological and agrochemical research firms, as well as a large number of universities and governmental institutes throughout the world use CompuDrug's discovery softwares in their daily research and developmental practices to accelerate their drug and agrochemical discovery processes and to support regulatory or environmental decisions.

What´s New?

CompuDrug Launches Laboratory Manager Plus, the New Integrated Research Management System
Laboratory Manager Plus is an effective software solution to manage chemistry and laboratory workflow. This multimodular system provides an overall control of laboratory work and performance by combining the benefits of Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).

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