Customer Benefits


One of our Lead Rescue Programs

If you have a compound that has poor bioavalibility, let RetroMEX tell you which other compounds with good bioavailability can be synthesized and will be metabolized into your active component. This software is part of our Lead Rescue package.


Brief Description


RetroMex is a fundamental tool in retro-metabolic drug design, which encompasses a series of concepts, e.g., prodrugs, soft drugs, and chemical drug-delivery systems. The prodrug concept means a chemical agent which itself is not active as a potent drug, but will be metabolized to the active form after its administration.

RetroMex predicts the structure of the retro-metabolites, collects them in compound databases, and presents the results in tree format. The prediction is based on "opposite" representation of transformations that have been selected from high priority rules (from the "animals" knowledge base) that significantly decrease the hydrophobicity.


Features at a Glance

  • Predicts the most common retro-metabolic pathways in mammals
  • Retro-metabolites are collected in compound databases
  • Results are presented in tree format (reporting viewing)
  • Graphical interface for editing transformation rules
  • Open knowledge bases - user can add own rules
  • Exporting results to SDF and RDF format


RetroMEX is operating under Windows computing platform.


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