Brief Description


The FlowReact database is the world's first online, fully searchable database specializing in flow chemistry reactions. Users can carry out an advanced search of organic chemistry reactions, which have been performed on flow reactors. The database features reaction parameters not typically utilized by the usual chemical searching tools. You can search flow reactions by reaction parameters (e.g. catalyst, pressure, temperature, residence time), results (e.g. yield, analytics), or chemical structures of the reagents and the products.

The data originates from current scientific literature, ThalesNano chemistry, or from contributing ThalesNano customers. Data also includes validated reaction protocols for flow reactions, such as the flow hydrogenation procedures carried out on the ThalesNano H-Cube, the industry standard instrument for bench scale hydrogenation.


FlowReact helps

  • in comparing batch and flow conditions for a particular reaction, and in the near future, through modules which will support flow chemistry calculations, experimental design and predictions of yield.
  • in finding the appropriate initial flow reaction parameter settings for a particular reaction and for designing the parameter space (for users of Thalesnano?s H-Cube and X-Cube).
  • in learning about the latest "hot" applications of flow chemistry through ThalesNano's "Reaction of the Month". Each month we pick a common industrial chemistry application, optimize it under flow conditions and update FlowReact with the results.


How FlowReact can be accessed?

Presently, the database is available www.flowreact.com address. The demo version contains more than 2,000 reactions, but the searching capabilities are restricted in demo mode.

On the Flowreact site please, register your contact details. Our colleagues will activate your account and send you an email containing your Flowreact login and password.

Your comments on FlowReact are very important to us in helping to improve upon the existing database and iron out any unforeseen errors. Please do not hesitate in sending your opinions and comments via the forum section in the database.



If you need more information about our product, please e-mail CompuDrug International at abc@compudrug.com